Analogues Collages and Poetry

12,517 is the number corresponding to the kilometers that exactly separate the city of Berlin from the city of Santiago (Chile). This length is the point of origin of "[12.517] Relativity of distance". Exhibition composed of photographic series, collages and texts made by the artists father and daughter: Elías Lizama H. and Florencia Lizama Z., reunited for the second time in a row to show their work as a duo in Berlin.

The project places us before the individual eyes of both creators in relation to the concept of distance, understanding it from its objectivity as a separating factor between two different territories and continents, as well as from subjectivity and the contradictory consequence that generates in their protagonists: Are we closer as we move away?

Through a photographic series with different locations in Europe in one of his trips made with the purpose of reuniting with his daughter, Elías tell us his perspective of distance. While Florencia poses through collages that create abstract geographies, intervened memory files and texts of her authorship, decipher the consequences and contradictions of a life far from her father, family, roots, language and origin.