-digital and analog collage + text- 

When i was a child,I thought that undressing was an act
-purely sexual-.

I was walking naked, before my grandmother came inside
after watering the plants
I masturbated myself –secretly-
As the most absurd and dirty act
existing in life.
                              [ As the most beautiful act ].

I grew up thinking that my body
It was then,
                   ]apart of me

Sex, and body – body and sex.
Prohibited at young age,
But practiced at a young age too.

I had to get rid of the religion,
to understand
                   understand [ME].

I had to get rid of you
To understand

                    understand [ME].

To look myself and be able to touch me,
Feel you- Feel me;
No guilt, no anger,
Without fear,
Without limits.

I had to get rid of being "a WOMAN body"
To understand            understand [ME].

That I am sex and more
That I am a body and more
That I am legs and more
That I am anal sex and more
That I am sex with love - sex every day and more

                          And sluggish sex-sex twice a week – and more -.
                              But me. Me and sex. Sex and me.

                          [ME]              [SHE]            [HE]

I had to forget,
To let it go
To let it go
To let it go
To empty myself;
until converted
in a yellow spot -as a sun in the middle of nowhere-
like any other human being
but me.                                                [ME]

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