Analogues Collages and Poetry

Project by father and daughter artists:
Elías Lizama and Florencia Lizama.

“Trace from a memory”, consists of deconstruction exercises, based mainly on analog photographs made in Chile, during the years 1975-1995 by Elias Lizama-father-. These photographs are rescued by Florencia -daughter- who plays to decipher the memory of her father and her own, through new creations that are directly or indirectly related to the main image. In addition to inviting to remember, "Trace of a memory" invites us to decipher the meaning and importance of family memory in our lives. From a political and emotional perspective, the work is created with the intention of finding new meanings in past events, in order to understand the present.

While the artistic work of Elías is developed in the field of analog photography in 35mm. format. Then Florencia writes poetry (or also called "anti-poetry") and through collage and the intervention of photographs of unknown authors and years.


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